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    Setting Up Your Rental Properties

Setting Up Your Rental Properties

Go to Properties in the Setup menu.
Click Add Property.
Required fields
  • Listing Name: The name of the property. Choose a distinct
    name, different from your other properties, and recognizable by your
    team, as well as by guests. If the listing is on Airbnb, you
    may wish to maintain that same name.
  • Airbnb Listing Id: This will automatically pull your Airbnb bookings into the Airstreamed system. To find your listing id, go to the Your Listings page in Airbnb, click on the title of one of your properties, and type in the number between the slashes in the URL that comes up. For example:


  • Airbnb iCal URL: This will keep the Airbnb calendar for
    this property synced with your Airstreamed calendar. Hover over
    the ⓘ for instructions on how to find the calendar feed for
    this property, then click the ⓘ to be redirected to the feed.
    Then just paste it in this box and click the green arrow.
  • Address 1: This information will appear in your emails to
    guests, so make sure it’s clear.
  • Address 2: Additional information appearing in your emails
    to guests (entrance, door, building, etc.). You can also modify
    Message Templates later to include door codes, special directions, etc.
  • Postal Code
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Timezone: This will ensure that arrivals and departures
    display at the correct time in your calendar.
  • Owner: The name of the person who owns the apartment
    (maybe you). This will keep the owner’s booking calendar up-to-date.
    If the owner does not appear in the drop-down list, they need to
    be added under Setup > Team.
  • Keyholder: The name of the person who meets guests at the
    property with the keys (this will keep the keyholder informed of
    guest arrival/departure times, etc., as well as sending their contact
    information to arriving guests if you wish). If the keyholder does
    not appear in the drop-down list, they need to be added under
    Setup > Team.
  • Cleaner: The name of the person who cleans the property
    (this will keep the cleaner informed of cleaning times, etc.). If
    the cleaner does not appear in the drop-down list, they need to be
    added under Setup > Team.
  • Double Beds and Single Beds: This will let your
    team know how to prepare the property beds. When a guest books, Airstreamed
    will automatically calculate sleep arrangements and display this
    to your team in the booking. For example, at a property with 2 double
    beds and 1 single bed, a group of 5 guests will show as needing 2
    double beds and 1 single bed, whereas a group of 4 guests will show
    as needing just 2 double beds. Don’t worry: these calculations can
    be modified however you wish for individual bookings.

Accounting Settings

  • Management Fee: This is the percentage of every booking
    you charge as your management fee. This works whether the owner,
    or you as the manager, is responsible for expenses (cleaning items,
    toiletries, etc.), as individual expenses can be assigned responsibility
    later. If you charge a flat fee per booking rather than a percentage,
    you can put a 0 here and enter your flat fees as an additional owner
  • Payout Bank: Choose Owner Bank or Manager Bank. This will
    determine who owes whom at the end of each month.
  • Cleaning Fee: Set whether the Owner or the Manager should
    receive additional cleaning fees paid by guests (this can be changed,
    or adjusted on a monthly basis). Cleaning fee payouts will then be
    reflected in your accounting.
Arrival Settings
Enter the places (airports, stations, etc.) in your city where guests
typically arrive (By Car is automatically enabled). Make these specific,
as guests will see these options, and you don’t want them confused. Then
enter the commute time from that place to your property and click
Add location. Once your guest is (automatically!) invited to
send in their travel itinerary, these commute times will then be used
to inform your team of the guest’s estimated check-in time at the property.
Commute times can always be adjusted on a per-booking basis (to account
for rush hour, holidays, time of day, etc.). Also, the Arrival Locations
you just entered are now saved to be used for your other properties,
if you wish. If an existing Arrival Location appears in this section,
just click Add, and it will turn green, showing that it’s enabled.


Click Add/Update Property.


This property is now all set! Now just repeat this for all your properties,
and you’re finished with this section.


P.S. You can always edit any Property in Setup > Properties.