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    Managing Your Rental Property Bookings

Managing Your Rental Property Bookings

Clicking on Bookings in the menu will show you a list of all your
bookings. You can filter by property, dates, etc., choose to show or hide past
bookings, and search guest names.

Notice the icons on the left of each booking:


These allow you to see the status of your automated guest messages in one quick glance (a red icon means that the message has not been sent; a green icon, that it has been sent):

  • Clock: your initial Arrival Instructions email to guests
  • Envelope: once a guest has sent a travel itinerary, your detailed
    check-in messages to your team
  • Calendar: a reminder to guests to provide a travel itinerary if
    this has not been received a set number of days before the check-in date 
  • Solid flag: a reminder to guests to provide a departure time
    if this has not been received a set number of days before the check-out date 
  • Checked flag: final departure instructions sent to guests a set
    number of hours before check-out

Messages to guests can be manually resent by clicking the icon (you can also
pass your mouse over each icon to get more details)

Syncing to Booking Platforms

If you’ve linked your Airstreamed to a rental platform like Airbnb, those bookings
will all automatically appear here, and all fields, including travel itineraries
and accounting information, will have automatically been filled in. To link to
the major booking platforms, go to Setup>Platform Links in the menu.

Adding (or Editing) a Booking

Click Add (or Edit) Booking.


Booking Details

  • Select Property: Select one of the properties you’ve set up in Setup>Properties
  • Booking Source: where the booking came from (Airbnb, etc.).
    If you entered the booking manually, this field will say Other.
  • Check-in Date and Check-out Date
  • Nights: automatically calculated from check-in date and check-out date
  • Guests
  • Double Beds and Single Beds: Airstreamed automatically calculates these fields based on the number of guests and the available beds at the property (from Setup>Properties).
    For example, at a property with 2 double beds and 1 single bed, a group of
    5 guests will show as needing 2 double beds and 1 single bed, whereas
    a group of 4 guests will show as needing just 2 double beds. These calculations
    can be modified for individual bookings.
  • Team Notes: Any team member (manager, cleaner, keyholder) attached
    to this booking can communicate any additional information here (more arrival
    details, special requests, damage reports, etc.). All attached team members
    (except Owners) can view this information.
  • Sync with property platforms (Sync with Airbnb, etc.): Available
    if the booking has come from one of your booking platforms (Airbnb, etc.).
    Enabled by default, you can disable in the rare cases that you want the booking
    details to reflect something different than what is showing on the booking

Guest Details

  • Guest First Name, Guest Last Name, Email, Phone Number

The following fields are filled when a guest replies to the
Arrival Instructions or Arrival Reminder emails in Setup>Message Templates with
their travel itinerary. Managers can also enter this information manually. The
information required for these fields is set up in Setup>Properties.

  • Arrival Location: the possible arrival locations (airports, stations,
    etc.) in your city
  • Arrival Time: the time of the plane/train/etc. arrival
  • Train/plane Number
  • Commute Time: in minutes, the time it takes to travel from
    the airport/station/etc. to the property. This can be manually adjusted for
    time-of-day, holidays, etc.
  • Check-In Time: Automatically calculated (Arrival Time +
    minutes from Commute Time)
  • Check-Out Time


  • Booking Price: The price you charged (nights x nightly rate) without Cleaning Fee
  • Rental Payout: Booking Price – Listing Fee. Cleaning Fee is included here as part of the owner’s payout if the owner is set to receive the cleaning fee for this property in Setup>Properties. Otherwise Cleaning Fee is not included as part of the payout.
  • Cleaning Fee: The price you charge for cleaning. Automatically filled
    from the Setup>Properties menu, but can be modified for individual bookings.
  • Listing Fee: Amount charged by the online listing service (Airbnb,
    VRBO, Homeaway, etc.) and deducted from the Booking Price before


Select the Keyholder and Cleaner for this booking. Under Tasks, you can see the
status of cleaning and keyholding. Managers can also confirm these tasks manually.

Beneath the checkboxes are details of the cleaning for the upcoming booking.

Guest Messages

Here you can check the status of all guest emails set up in Setup>Message Templates. By clicking on an icon, you can manually resend an email.
  • Auto-send Guest Arrival Instructions email upon save: This
    only appears if you’re adding a new booking (not if you’re editing an existing
    one). It will send the guest the Arrival Instructions email for
    this property when you click save, initiating the process for the guest to
    send their travel itinerary, etc.
  • Auto-send messages to guest: This will send subsequent messages turned on for this property in Setup>Message Templates to guests. If the switch is turned off, the guest will not receive any of your Airstreamed messages.