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    Managing Your Rental Property Accounting

Managing Your Rental Property Accounting

You have several options under the Accounting tab.

Manager Overview
This allows the manager to view:
  • Nights: total rented in a month
  • Cleaning Fees: total charged to guests for the month
  • Cleaner Earnings: total earned by cleaners for the month
  • Keyholder Earnings: total earned by keyholders for the month
  • Manager Fee: total monthly management fees (as defined for each
    property in Setup>Properties), not including any cleaning fees
    charged to guests
  • Manager Expenses: all expenses for which the manager is responsible
  • Owner Expenses: all expenses for which the owner is responsible
  • Manager Profit: The monthly total Manager Fee, plus any Cleaning Fees charged to guests (if Manager is set to receive Cleaning Fees in Setup > Properties), minus any Cleaner Earnings and Keyholder Earnings paid to your team, and minus any Manager Expenses for which the manager is responsible.
A dropdown box permits you to change the view from All Properties to individual
properties. You can also download a PDF statement for the current view.


Shows amount currently owed to each member of your team (including Owners), as
well as a link to their individual Timesheet. Click Confirm a payment to register
a payment to a team member. If the Team – Payments Notification message
is enabled in Setup > Message Templates, the team member will then receive an email and/or SMS notification.


Property Overviews
Select a property, and you’ll be taken to an accounting overview for that property.
You’ll notice that all expenses and fees have automatically been calculated and
added to these overviews. Your work is already done here – these are view-only
You can toggle between a detailed Monthly View and a general Yearly Summary.
You can also Download Statements for the current view.


Owners also have access to this page for each of their properties and can also
download statements for their own records. If you have the Owner – Monthly Statement
message enabled in Setup > Message Templates, the owner will also receive a statement by email at the end of each month.