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    Getting Started with Airstreamed for Keyholders

Getting Started with Airstreamed for Keyholders

Log into Airstreamed and you’ll find your Dashboard, which includes:

  • Upcoming Bookings: All upcoming bookings in the next month at the
    properties where you check guests in or out, including arrival and departure
    dates and times, so you can be sure to be waiting on time
  • Task list: Any administrative tasks you need to get done, such as
    confirming a new key drop off, or a past check-in or check-out.
  • Payments: Information on your last payment from the property
    manager, as well as the amount you’re currently owed.
Account Settings

Click your name in the top right corner, and under Account you can change
your name, email, phone number, or password. Time Zone determines when
check-ins and check-outs are shown on your calendar. You’ll almost always want
this to be the same time zone in which the property is located. You can also
choose to disable Notifications.

In the menu to the left you have two other options:


Shows all bookings for which you’re responsible for check-ins or check-outs,
including guest arrival and departure times. Click on a booking to see more information
such as guest name, number of guests, number of beds, and any specific notes
from your property manager.

You should also confirm upcoming jobs, as well as your check-ins and check-outs, here by clicking on a booking and checking the relevant boxes.

Want to import your Airstreamed calendar into another calendar application like
Google Calendar? Click the calendar icon next to your property name to copy your
iCal feed, then paste that into your calendar application.


This is where you enter any expenses you’ve paid, such as coffee, light bulbs,
etc. Be sure to keep this updated so your property manager will be up-to-date
on how much you’re owed.


To add an expense, click Add next to Expenses and enter the
information requested. To add a check-in or check-out here, click the booking
in your calendar and check the appropriate box, or follow the link in the
Task List on your home Dashboard.

At the bottom of your Expense Sheet, you’ll see details of all
Payments that have been made to you.